If you are experiencing a change cycle in your project and looking for a tool to help you get through the process then you are in luck.

Here we are discussing everything you need to know about creating and using the Change management plan template excel for Best way to managing the project.

You have come to the right place and are on the right track if you are looking for a template that can be used to manage and deal with the change going in the project.

A structured and well managed comprehensive chain management plant can be of great importance and help you in different ways.


What is Change Management Plan?

As we all know change can be difficult and not easy to manage it can be very challenging sometimes. If you are struggling to work with the changing situations are facing a problem creating a tool to manage the change then a Change Management Plan Template Excel can aid you tremendously.

The change can be of two categories:

  1. First one is to work on the impact of the change and dealing with the transition in result to that change.
  2. Second type is to track the change and create a clear overview of dealing with the change with the single process.

Both of these types of change can be tricky if you don’t use any help from available tools.it is important to use a proper management and planning template to deal with the changing situations.

This article will be discussing the main concept of change and ways to manage the change using a proper tool. We will also be discussing the process of dealing and implementing the change using an efficient change management plan.

  • What should be encompassed in a professional management plan?
  • How to make a change management plan?

Download: Human Resource Management Template

How to Write a Change Management Plan

A change management plan is a challenging and time-consuming process to help the organization to deal with the change in the processes. It is typically the strategic approach to deal with the complex changes and required processes.

It takes a lot of effort to manage a growing company to embrace the change. Things can get rather easy to deal with the change and make things more straightforward.

Following we have find some important points and steps that helps to create a good change management plan

  1. First you need to determine the reasons for the change
  2. Second you need to determine the scope of this change
  3. Find the best team to apply this change
  4. Also identify all stakeholders related to this change (Download Stakeholder Management Template)
  5. Define all the expected benefits of this change
  6. Find out all the expanses and clarify Financial Management
  7. Create a communication plan and take all the feedback
  8. Apply feedback results and improve change management plan


Benefits of Change Management Plan Template Excel

Project change management is the idea of dealing and adapting the change in a company. Change plan is a map which give the path to define the steps to the members of organization to handle the change.

It is also a useful way to highlight the steps to execute and implement the change in project processes. Moreover, it also describes the change with the process dependencies and gives a clear way to deal with the transition.

Also, this is helpful in dealing with the change and also used a progressed way of communicating the change. The change management is also useful in decreasing the change implementation time and removes the risks(Risk Register Template).

Certainly, the use of change plan is a professional way of dealing with change with an efficient manner. It is an important pillar of the project management field and very important tool to deal with the project change.

Key Element of Change Management Plan Template Excel

Change management is a compound method to handle the process and deal with the critical situations. It is very important and crucial to get yourself familiar with change management process.

Project managers are the person responsible for dealing with the change and making a change management plan template excel. Change is something which happened sometimes on regular basis in project management. And it is important to monitor the change management plan and keep it updated on regular basis.

It is all about making a framework for change that has happened overtime. Furthermore, it is important to adapt the change and deal with it accordingly. This tool is useful and an excellent approach dealing with change.

Following are some of the points showing the main element of a change management plan:

  1. First you need to analyses the change and its capacity by considering all the aspects.
  2. Effective change management can be done by effective communication planning.
  3. The proper roadmap for change is also imprint and must be implemented properly.
  4. Change management training is another important element to deal with change.
  5. Resistance is something which is an outcome of change and resistance management is a key for proper change management.
  6. Another important element is change reinforcement and carry out important step for proper adaptation.

Download: Sales and Inventory Management Template

Process of Change Management Plan

Following are very important points keep in mind when apply change management process

  • Find out feasibility of required change
  • There should be approval system
  • Make change control board and find best change management plan
  • Find out historical implication of the related change
  • Make complete schedule with time and date
  • Break work down into tasks and milestones (Download Work Breakdown Structure)
  • Assign tasks and mile stones to change management teams
  • Make proper monitoring system
  • Continues updation and progress is must
  • Make budgeting plan and cost control system


Tools for Change Management Plan Template Excel

Following are the some very important tools for change management plan

  1. Change management Plan for Multiple Projects

Handling a change in project is itself very tricky but when it come to deal with the change in multiple projects it became complicated.

If you are working in an environment where you deal with multi projects then you need to get yourself ready for this difficult situation. Subsequently, it is important to keep a well structure Change management Plan template excel for Multiple Projects on hand to avoid complications.

Keeping all the pieces together you need to deal with each project individually and be very careful to avoid any flaws in change management process.

As in multiple project change situation things can get very complicated very quickly. The key to deal with all that all you need is effective management to handle the load.

  1. Change request tracking

Another important example of change management plan template excel is change request tracking template. It is a typical document used in handling change which may include information like requested change, change evaluation and other change resolution.

This tracking template is one of the initial parts of dealing with change and processing the change requests. This tool can include the details of specific modifications in change processes and steps needed.

  1. Change request review

Another important and professional tool to deal with change situation is change request review template. The template can be selected according to the intensity of the change and the requirement of the project.

This particular tool is useful explicitly for larger projects change management and make the review from the collected data.

Moreover, this template is crafted to keep track of change information so the change can be properly executed, and referenced later.

  1. Change request disposition

Change request deposition is also another useful tool to manage the change in the project. This tool is used particularly to deal with the change administration and make the requested change reports.

The main purpose is to formally record change and analyses the propose change and other related solutions. The material and data from this tool is used if the change must be implemented or not and how.

The change request deposition is the chief tool efficient for initiating, approving, and authenticating changes in the change management process.

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