Employee Onboarding Template

What is Employee onboarding Template?

Onboarding process is carried out in small sub steps. It starts from recruitment to hiring stage. In between them comes the pre-boarding stage in which the employee learns about the company matters, policies, goals and other values.

Special training can also be arranged for the onboarding employees to make them more confident. The new employee has fresh energy and is more engaged in work.  Onboarding can either be formal or informal both have their own characteristics.


Purpose of Employee Onboarding Template

Different templates are available, each with unique properties. But the main purpose of this template is to organize the details required for the recruitment and hiring of the employee. The templates can be customized according to your need.

Also, it saves time for individually analyzing each employee. Spreadsheet is developed by the HR team with the help of the project manager. It sets a standard for the onboarding criteria which helps the HR team to keep all the new employees on the same page.

 Essential Element of Employee Onboarding Template

There are different ways of doing anything. Employee onboarding can be done on different soft wares with a variety of templates. Each template has its specialty which will reflect on the quality of work. It is completely up to the HR team or the project manager to develop an employee onboarding spreadsheet with all company standards and requirements.

  • Onboarding checklist template:
  1. New Hire Onboarding Checklist: The onboarding checklist is just like a tracking list. In its location, special dates, roles, tasks and the status of the documents are recorded. All new employees’ data is recorded in it.
  2. HR Onboarding Checklist: This template provides clear insight of the onboarding stages. It is easy to edit and can be managed according to your requirement.
  3. Onboarding Checklist for Managers: It is specifically used by the managers to assure all the onboarding criteria are met. Managers are responsible for few specific tasks, they have to introduce the new employees to the workplace and its people. Roles and performance assessment are also briefed by the managers.
  4. IT Onboarding Checklist: IT information needs a special checklist. There are minor details that need to be transferred to the new employees’. Official email addresses, device information and communicating tools are handed over to the new employee.
  • Onboarding Document

Documentation is done for almost all company matters. Documentation rules out chances of misunderstandings. A company has its own proper onboarding document in which both the company requirements and the employee’s skills are added. The major details added are joining date, well defined roles, expectation, responsibilities and performance assessment.

  • Onboarding program template

Onboarding plan template should have company policies, working methods, contact details, job role, objectives, core responsibilities as well as team details. All companies have different onboarding requirements so the universal template can be edited as per your requirement.

Employee onboarding process:

The onboarding process in employee Onboarding Template varies from company to company and also the role of the employee. But there are some generalized that can be adopted to develop a smooth onboarding process.

  • Never leave hiring or recruitment as a last day task. Always start the hiring procedure before the start date of the project so that all the pre-onboarding matters are completed easily. Also the new employee gets enough time to understand the company matters and workplace Make the new employee clear about the work expectation the company has for him/her.
  • There are some formalities each company has for the onboarding employee. The employee is made aware about the emergency procedures and the security plans. New employees are observed for one to two weeks after recruitment.
  • Getting comfortable with the team and workplace impacts the overall performance.
  • Keep the new employee up to date about the tools and equipment company use during a project.
  • Clearly define the job role and task so that no further complication takes place.
  • Get along with the contractors, stakeholders and other representatives
  • Performance evaluation is very important. If any amendments are required, guide the new employee about it because it leads the organization towards success.
Employee Onboarding Checklist

New Employee Onboarding Checklist Template Excel

New hire onboarding check list is very important for HR mangers to make sure complete all important step to prepare onboarding new employee. Following are the most important steps to onboard new employees.

  • Submit a new job requisition form to HR.
  • Complete a background check of the Employee.
  • Review the job schedule and job basics.
  • Review job descriptions and duties in detail
  • Prepare team introductions
  • Prepare their work environment.
  • Prepare training sessions for new hire

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