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Employee management is one of the integral parts of any workplace or project. Therefore, project managers keep a check on the availability resource in human resources planning. Review employee work schedule for daily work stats.

How do I create a staff holiday planner in Excel?

Although, risk management is associated with all the resources of project management. However, it’s the responsibility of project managers to evaluate the situation and implement strategies to overcome the challenges. Excel is one of the best and easy way to track employees holidays and working hours and also helps to track employees productivity. Its easy to create, easy to use and easy to manage an excel format sheet rather than complex software’s.

Following are some examples of staff holiday planner excel

  1. Best template, you could manage entire employee details
  2. Manage PTO (paid time off) through this
  3. Manage attendance and Leave record
  4. Updated calendar 2020 to 2021
  5. Design a new template for each employee
  6. MS Excel (XLSX) format

Download: Multiple Project Tracking Dashboard Template

Human resource and recruitment tracking are some of the most difficult resource of any project to manage. As there are many strategies to ensure the availability and efficiency of the machines. So, it never breakdown to disturb the schedule of the project. However, no such technique is applicable to labor.

Staff Holiday Planner

Staff Holiday Planner Excel (Key Features)

Human resources need a different type of allowance even during working hours. It includes food allowance, fatigue allowance, and repetitive task allowance. this planner also used to track attendance of your employees in seminars and employee training schedule.

Despite these allowances, humans can’t work 24/7 and always needs off days. So, project managers need to ensure the availability of the required staff in the workplace. So, the breakdown of human resources is considered as the absence of more than planned employees and a shortage of staff. So, an employee vacation planner template excel is very useful to avoid such a situation.

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customization is one of the main feature staff holiday planner, through customization you can mange employee records as per your company requirements. following are some important customization option should be included in holiday planner.

  • Week starting day
  • working days
  • Number of year
  • Number of Months
  • Number of employees
  • Employee tracking options

Schedule your Employee Leave Record

Therefore, the employees are trained to plan their long vacation and announce the plan to all the colleagues. So, others must know the occupied space and can plan their vacation for some other period.

Vacation Planner Visuals

The employee vacation plan can use as a visual representation of the occupied and available slot for planning vacations. It’s the most understandable visual form of a vacation planner. Also, a color-coding technique can help to easily differentiate between occupied and available slots.

Resource capacity Planner

In project management, resource capacity planning sheets are developed to ensure the availability of required staff at the workplace at any time. So, this sheet can be integrated with the employee vacation planning template to automatically takes data.

Download: Shipment Tracking Template

How to Create an Excel Holiday Calendar for Staff?

The employee vacation planner is very helpful for supervisors and managers to maintain the required staff and also track performance of employees at the workplace. There are several other benefits of using it.

It helps the managers to monitor and plan the availability of required human resources. Further, some businesses have a very complex hierarchy. So, they need to monitor and maintain the availability of the required skill set.

Also, as it’s a visual representation. So, it is very easy to understand, update, and maintain. It helps to ensure no day of the project should be understaffed. If there is any in the schedule. It’s a risk and project managers have to find alternative resources to make sure the availability of required staff beforehand.

Create Holiday Calendar 2020

There are many human resource management systems available in the market. These systems manage all aspects of managing human resources. However, small businesses can’t afford such expensive human resource solutions.


Weekends & Holidays Editing

Therefore, the use of employee vacation planner in excel is preferred. The weekend and holidays are specified in this sheet. you have to describe starting day of week and also no of holidays in a week.

Also, the vacation plan of each employee is written as the vacation start date and end date. Further, the name of the employee with no vacation plan must not be included.

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Manage Vacation Planner in Google Sheet

The output of the Staff Holiday Planner 2020 excel can include a calendar with color-coding to differentiate employee vacations, weekends, and holidays. Also, the number of employees at work, vacation, and shortage is calculated against each day of the calendar.

This data helps the managers to highlight days with the shortage. So, they can take steps to overcome the risk before realization.

Staff leave Planner

Staff Leave Planner

Staff leaves Planner divided into two main categories Paid and Unpaid and these two are further divided into different categories like sick leave, Urgent work, Personal leaves, vacation and other in Staff Leave Planner. Through these categories it became easy to track employees leave management.

Types of Leaves

Through leave types is the best way to track employee leaves in any company, following are some leave types

  • Holiday
  • Half day
  • Quarter day
  • Annual leave
  • Sick leave
  • Urgent work
  • Paid leave
  • work from home

these leaves are essential part of any HR or leave planner template.

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