When we talk about sales tracking generally, we assume tracking the quantity of sales but actually it is more than that.

It is process of monitoring and analyzing the each minor and various aspects of your sales process to narrate the most important facts and entire perspectives of sales course.

Why you Need sales activity tracking spreadsheet

Sales Tracking Template and shipment tracking template make you enable to keep important things under check (the all bits and pieces of factors including close a deal) and going through in perfect orientation; and help immediately catch the little problems to solve them on time and avoid complexity and multiplicity of tasks.

Following are some important stages that helps out to track sales

  • Order Booked
  • To be Packed
  • Ready to Ship
  • Order Shipped
  • Delivered

Sales tracker template

Systematically holding track of your sales in soft form like in tracking sheet of Excel empower you to make the list of items recently sold so you can determine the profit or loss in specific duration of time. Sales tracking is also a important part of inventory management template.

It will provide you a guidance to exclude the deprivation of useless stuff from sales operations. In fact, no sales issue can play hide and seek with you by using Sales Tracker Template.


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sales activity tracking spreadsheet

Following are some examples of sales tacking excel spreadsheets:

  • Sales Goals Tracking Template
  • Daily Sales Tracking Template
  • Monthly Sales Tracking Template
  • Salon Sales Tracker Template
  • Online Sales Tracking Template
  • Sales lead tracking spreadsheet
  • Sales Reporting Template
  • Sales Action Plan Template
  • Sales Management and Performance Template
  • Sales Compensation Template
  • Sales Pipeline and Forecasting Template

Why you should use Sales Tracker Template?

To meet your desire purpose of sales tracking at large scale you may face new challenges in tracking process. Although there are many tracking templates like warehouse management template that are available to handle your sales and managing tracking tasks to get accurate and clear reports and outputs.

You can also take advantage of customizable templates to ensure optimal business leads, run sales operations in flow and in rhythmic patterns.

Sales tracking Template most widely used for sales marketing, management, keep track of your sales, revenue and generate customize reports and assist you to save you time, money and energy.


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How can you improve your Sales tracking process?

Describing some improvement strategies of Sales tracking assist you to make better understanding of tracking process

  • Seize the Slight Problems

It is necessary to capture the things that are happening unsupported in sales process on timely basis to recognize and analyze the reason behind issues and pitfalls. If you do so; it will be very beneficial for you to avoid the mistakes in incoming leads.

To make sales process effective create a detailed report of plan of actions at least in a week or after 3 or 4 days and repeat this process again and again to save time, money and efforts and do not let the little slips paint the broad picture of flaws, and if you use cost analysis template it will also improve costing and budgeting process of your business.

In short; seize the minor problems of sales tracking before they convert into serious dilemma.

  • Look over Reps

Sales team is the prime mover of your business. It is not enough only track the sales activities in Sales Tracker Template or Stock tracker template; your sales manager has to monitor the exertion and affairs of reps, how well every individual of them is performing whose of them are need for a tiny trigger of acceleration.

This supervision will help you to check and analyze the performance of reps (how much work is assigning to each rep, usage of resources, capacity how soon they get their goals, which process is neglecting and getting weaker) and manage all their leads, tasks and further sales activities. With sales tracking, all activities are inspected and scan by sales manager.

  • Real Time Sales Insight

Sales manager picks real time updates about performance of whole scenario while tracking sales activity. Both sales manager and sales reps can take advantage within a few seconds of quick access to particular statistics to make better decisions quickly.

You can react back rapidly toward different processes and direct them according to required movement and respond to customers with great speed. This will enhance your sales value and satisfy the customers.

You can better understand the:

  • Sales Target
  • Win Rate
  • Profit Margin
  • Lost Opportunities
  • Bounce Rate
  • Work Force Performance (Employee Performance Template)
  • Sales Growth
  • Earned Revenue
  • Time of closing Deal
  • Customers` Need
  • Select the “Best” Option

To improve your sales tracking and sales performance you must have to know which activities and outstanding and of course the most sizzling thing the closing of deal with advanced achievements and profit.

To get desire results first you have to select the best options of selling based on your risk, opportunity and investment rankings. Choose the best options by analyzing Sales Tracker Template for enhancing the company values and sales graph by eliminating the low opportunity options.

Well, if there is any doubt in decisions whether these are risky or having low probability of success then immediate go for options holding good hope for success, perfectly flawless and get completed with enough finance.


What are the benefits of Sales Activity Tracking Spreadsheet?

Sales activity spreadsheet in Sales Tracking Template is very useful for you through this you can easily go through various functions in little time like;

  • Link Related Data
  • Visualize the Charts and Graphs to make Better Understanding
  • Generation of Reports
  • Automate Operations
  • Improve Data Organization
  • Cost Audit (Product Cost Analysis Template)
  • Sales and Profits Estimation
  • Keep Track of Customer Interactions
  • Assist in Data Driven Decisions

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