Looking to schedule your stock according to a weekly, daily, and monthly basis? We have stock tracking spreadsheet in excel format for using record-keeping, data analysis, and investment portfolio tracking management.

A tracking spreadsheet is the best way to analyze items or data quickly. This is a simple way to access the information without any hurdles and complications. With this spreadsheet, investigators can track their transactions quickly and easily.

  1. Stock Management Sheet (Daily/weekly/Monthly)
  2. Use for data analysis, Portfolio and inventory management
  3. Example of Stock Spreadsheet(Excel-Based)
  4. Market the best templates for tracking & record stocks
  5. Ask for customization & editing to Schedule Temple

This is a simple method to maintain track of your investments and time. If you are in charge of your office and you want to make your own investment along with your office, so you can easily get your task done by using tracking spreadsheets.

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You can achieve all your goals with a stock tracking spreadsheet very smoothly. It is very useful and values able.

Stock Tracking Spreadsheet

How to Schedule stock tracking spreadsheet Excel?

If you want to gain control of your entire investment beyond that, use a stock spreadsheet. You can keep track of every detail of your investment or statistics. It is a very useful tool for investors. For online Stock tracking, use Google sheet.

Here are the best ways to track investment:

  • Microsoft Excel

Track your taxes and your profits with this software. This software provides a separate line for each type of stock. For example, stock name, transacted units, transacted price (per unit),  stock split ratio, previous unit, cumulative units, cost of the transaction, previous cost, cost of the transaction (per unit), cumulative cost, etc.

  • Google spreadsheet

If you want automatically retrieve information from public sources on your spreadsheet, then log in to your Google account. It’s not as powerful as Excel, but you can access it anywhere with your Google account.

Stock Tracking Spreadsheet

Key Features of Stock Tracking Spreadsheet

  1. You can store all your sales, purchases, transactions, etc
  2. It shows you a complete record of what is happening now and what has happened in the past
  3. You can track your financial investments
  4. Through this stock, You can make economic decisions
  5. You can organize the information or data on a sheet
  6. When you insert your data into a sheet, the sheet automatically calculates it
  7. Well you can check the status of your investment and make more investment financial decisions
  8. You can use it to invest locally and internationally

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Type of stock tracking spreadsheet Excel

  1. Stock trading record keeping excel
  2. Inventory management excel template
  3. warehouse management excel template

Stock trading record keeping Excel:

A trading record is a very useful tool to maintain all the entire data. Through this, you can record your previous and current transactions. Seeing the previous performance of the sheet you can also work for its modification.

Inventory Management Excel Template:

Through this, you can manage all sizes of investment and stock records. Inventory management is an important element for maintaining all types of records or data.

Through this stock management, you can track the business improvements and profits. You can look at your business what is out of stock and which type of modification is company needed.

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Stock Tracking Spreadsheet

Warehouse Management Excel template:

With this warehouse management excel template you can track your stock. You can set the goals of your selling products. You can set goals for the products you sell.

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How to start with this Stock Tracking Spreadsheet

Following are some important steps to keep in mind when starting with this Stock tracking excel template

1- Settings

To start with this stock tracking template, first you go to settings and fill out all necessary fields.

2- Customer Details

Now go to customers tab and fill out all necessary information of your customers

3- Overhead Expanses

There is also overhead expanses detail that is necessary in calculating financial part of the business

4- Book Purchase Order

Now you are ready to book your purchase order, just go to purchases and fill out all the fields to book purchase order

5- Book Sales Order

same as purchases you can book sale order in sales tab,

6- Reporting

Now comes the reporting part, this template has three main dashboard

  • Inventory Dashboard
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Profit and Loss Dashboard

you can analyze your business in every perspective, some of the key and unique features of reporting are

  • Real time Stock position
  • Inventory to come and inventory to go
  • Supplier performance
  • Key inventory ratios
  • Top and Bottom performing products
  • Financial statement
  • Financial Ratios

7- Invoicing

This template has auto generated invoice function of each order you book in sales, just select the order number and your invoice will be ready also with order status.

Finally, you can manage any size of stock through these spreadsheets. For customization Stock Spreadsheet, you can contact us Projects124.com


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