What is the Kanban Method?

Whenever focused workflow indications reveal means Kanban is essential factor; you can check current status of work and its flow at a glance with the help of Kanban Board.

Initially, Kanban Project Management Tools and Software was just like whiteboard having magnets, plastic chips or sticky notes with the floating rows and columns but gradually its interesting way of use made it available online in different tools and software.

Kanban methodology is open source project management tools that focus on simplicity. Plain and simple boards have only three columns with headings;

  • To Do
  • In-progress
  • Done

More Detail boards are consisted on more columns like;

  • Backlog
  • Ready
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Approval
  • Done

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Kanban chips are put into corresponding row of column on board that exhibit where the work is standing and its current degree; utility of applying different colors in board highlight the different piece of work like Ongoing processes can be prominent with different colors sections.


Is Kanban a project management tool?

Kanbanize method with different helping tools is ideal for project management; sufficient for every size of company and can be apply in different ways determined by constraints of firm.

It is specific interpretation of reform the fabricate processes by manipulation of furnished stock. Recently; Kanban is using for software development and helps in tracking multiple projects in a very summarize view. Frequently use of boards caused to complete the work concurrently with early and often delivery of software with cross functional teams.

Kanban Project Management Tools and Software provides the facility to work breakdown structure for your project and encourage the implementation of Agile project management method, check status, lessened the idle processes and build more value for customers.

Visualization of work in Kanban is very supportive to understand, organize and manage the workflow. You can keep track of each project and every single task with accessible facile. Work-in-progress is quantified according to the capabilities and endowment of faculty to improve the transparency and enhance the business objectives with overburdening on team.

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Pull System in Kanban

Tasks are round off according to their top ranking while tasks can be pulled from previous to next column to increase the performance with capacitated team that have ability to adapt the sudden change and information by reducing the waste processes, cost and time; that is called Pulled System in Kanban.

By using pull system you can:

  • Control resources
  • Minimizes risk
  • Improve workflow
  • Limit WIP
  • Effective communication
  • Speed up task delivery

Why are Kanban Boards Useful?

Latest version of Kanban Project Management Tools and Software are designed to support the Agile Methodologies to deliver work faster with perceptible management activities to enhance the business value in shorter timescale and commitments.

Tasks are shared by every member of team to improve the ideology and practices without formal roles.

Well, let`s discover why Kanban is becoming top priority of project managers and global IT industry nowadays:

  1. Visualize Workflow
  2. Limit Work in Progress
  3. Crystal Clear Processes of Policies
  4. Frequent Feedback
  5. Improves Collaboratively
  6. Focus on Continuous Delivery
  7. Real Time Communication
  8. Stable the Product Standard

Best Knban Tools Available.

There are some best Kanban visual management solutions that assist to visualize the workflow, analyze and improve the commercial processes and development.

Following are different software development tool used by agile to disclose the potential of your teams with various tools of Kanban Project Management Tools and Software holding several exposures:

  •  SwiftKanban
  • Trello
  • Asana
  • Monday.com
  • Wrike
  • JIRA
  • Leankit
  • Zoho Projects
  • ProofHub
  • Smartsheet

What are the advantages of Kanban Project Management Tools and Software?

Kanban has unique advantages and highest rating among numerous present-time development tools. The Kanban board is easy to understand, Minimizes the risk, supple hiking, and shrink cycle time and very comprehensive.

Some advantages are as under:

  • Kanban is a mature flowing framework; it helps in project implementation plan while without any watchword settlements and supremacy.
  • Avoid mismanagements and downtime of team members is rectitude of Kanban to reduce waste material and time.
  • The visual nature of Kanban helps to make it intuitive and easy to learn.
  • JIT (just-in-time) delivery of product, work and value assist to prevent over-production and decrease the evidence of defective product.
  • Cycle time in Kanban projects is very beneficial to move the team and work in a flow and with dedication
  • Online kanban facility is most convenient to apply the all features of tool; cross app implementation like mobile version for Android an IOS and multi language support  made it very powerful tool. Its free trial for fortnight; allow you to make understand the environment of this friendly interface easily.
  • You can easily manage and track the status of current project and update the assignments from time to time.
  • You can efficiently manage the complex projects expanse tracking that power ups your working style and speed.
  • No require any training


Disadvantages of Kanban Project Management Tools and Software.

Reviews about Kanban are very positive and energetic but dissipation and faulty treatment with tool may lead to some issues and inaccuracies etc. Nearly disadvantages are as follows:

  • Unreliable and defective information may be occurred if Kanban board is outdated. Team manager have to passionate about the updating chores of Kanban Project Management Tools and Software.
  • Tangled Kanbanize systems just hide the important information; it must should be easy to read, understand and have clear and less weight vision.
  • Columns of Kanban board without associating timeframes lead to difficult get worked up.
  • Automatically removing of items is unknown; keep them archive make it lengthy and bulky in Done
  • You cannot add more users or tables in free version of Kanban; it is limited to two users and two tables by allowing managing the simple projects with small teams.
  • You cannot export and attach the solid vertical lines available in board to other board.

Concluding: Selection of perfect approach as Kanban Project Management Tools and Software is best from available options with minor shortcomings; because industry and critical project factors like resources, budget, team members, deadlines and stakeholders are affected by specific tool.   

This digital project management tool allows the lean manufacturing line with rigorous resources and magnifies the productivity.

It lessened the resistance and rigidity of structure and encourages small incremental changes of current processes to get periodic view and maximize the efficiency.

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