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Download no of template for duty roster template for employees. In this article, you can easy to download no of roster employee in excel and another format of Microsoft. Download Staff Roster Template Excel and word format for hospital and nurse. Download meeting schedule template with this one.

  1. Daily or Monthly Staff roster
  2. Doctor, hospital staff roster Day/Night
  3. Shift roster 27*7 template

How to Manage Staff Duty Roster (Schedule) through Excel Template?

With other important stuff to manage in a business or private company there comes along scheduling duties of your workforce. It is not an easy task, there are a number of employees working in the same or different departments.

To have well managed shifts plays a key role in the performance of the employee because duty rosters are developed in such a way that no individual is overburdened, and overall quality and work efficiency greatly increase. If scheduling is done manually, it will be very hectic and to ease this task templates are available for excel which can be used by following few steps;

  1. Enter the names of the entire employee for which scheduling is required. You can add an employee position or designation with the name of the employee.
  2. Over the top add the days or dates that need to be scheduled.
  3. After the data entry, add the starting and ending time of the shift and the next employee will obviously be added in the next shift or the schedule.
  4. To make it presentable and readable, formatting can be done. Choose the color of your choice for different shifts. This will make the spreadsheet easier to read out.
  5. At the end of total shifts are calculated in case any employee is doing overtime; bonus will be added in the total salary.


Types of Staff Roster Template

Different types of rosters are required depending on the workload and the nature of the company or business. Not all the organization goes with the similar work breakdown. They develop their own personalized rosters for shift scheduling. Some companies have employees working full time that means operations are going on 7 days per week.

Few have flexible or part time rosters this is mostly common in sales (outlets/ call center). Cyclic rosters are another type which are not commonly used in formal jobs but works well in the creative fields. In such a roster, the schedule is made on the basis of the work requirement and teams are divided in such a way that they have margin to show their creativity. Rosters can be developed keeping in mind the preference of work shifts an employee is comfortable in.

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Some commonly used work breakdown rosters are given below;

 Hospital Staff Roster Template Excel

Most seniors or HR teams are assigned to this task but it is such a complex field that at times doctors have to give their availability on their off hours. But a formal roster is developed according to which duties are scheduled. 24/7 staff is required in the hospital, shift breakdown is done such a way that no patient or ward remains unattended.

According to the roster every doctor or nurse has alternate shifts so that breakdown is down uniformly and work is divided equally. In hospitals shifts can be as long as 10 to 12 hours. So, it is important to have a well-balanced staff roster to get the positive performance outputs.

Call Center Staff Roster

Call center Staff Roster Template Excel rosters are developed keeping under the consideration the number of calls a slot is most likely getting. Team is divided on the basis of number of calls and sales. But call center agents are needed to be active throughout their working hours.

Workload is divided equally. Some employees are comfortable working night shifts so they are scheduled for them keeping in view the workflow in those hours. Some call centers have hired project manager professionals for the task. To have a reasonable staff roster will directly impact performance and the efficiency.

Examples of Duty Roster Template

There are different ways of doing everything. Duty rosters can also be made by using different templates on different software. Few are mentioned below;

Employee Schedule Template

This is a simple weekly scheduling template which in the end calculates working hours and the total amount an employee has earned depending on the working hours.

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