What is Agile Project Management?

Agile Project Management is harness of sequential project management methods to software development has provided base to move toward high rated exertion of Agile.

Agile Project Management Template in Excel

Agile Project Management Template in Excel is a time boxed (module of struggling time toward a goal), holding iterative approach to software execution that structured the open-source project management software in gradual phase before all else of the project.

In spite making effort to succeed it in unison at completion of project, It provides the facility of user story so you can break projects down in small units of user capabilities.

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Best Practices of Agile

Methodical manipulation of these practices; it can assist you to direct the robust systems with your team in idiosyncratic and unique technique of credibility in exclusive crave.

  1. Guiding Vision – Ongoing support along turn of phrases and steps by flourishing an innovative command for a project direction with a clear vision.
  2. Cohesion – Association and teamwork bring solidity in relationships and affiliated circles.
  3. Smooth Ordinance – Build and reinforce the team by fixing the imperative context and simple rules.
  4. Open Information – Furnish wide open convenient to gain the related material.
  5. Light Touch – Takes less efforts and small tweaks in order to control the scenario.
  6. Surveillance – keep track and observe continuously over a period of time.

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Why use Agile Project Management Template in Excel?

To bring your business across today`s expeditious market and technology, then implementing an Agile practice is the best match to improve and manage the up-coming evolutionary processes.

Agile software’s are more flexible than excel templates and give its users much more options in different project management phases like project expanse tracking template and project risk register template.


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Here are some remarkable reasons why teams are using this sophisticated tool.

  • Proactive Rather than Reactive – It finds and fixes the problems and bugs more quickly before the occurring of them and adjustable in time planning and future directions that enhances the quality of Agile.
  • Rapid Change – Instead of in-depth planning Agile encourages the rapid and flexible responses to change and adapt the best relevant subject of matter and accept the views of others and stay up to date.
  • Searchable, Central Storage – Team can take advantages of the cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or OneDrive for project documentation storage to make it available virtually.
  • End-goal can be unknown – Team can redesign the end-goal of project if there is no visible ending point and mold it according to the current requirements.
  • Recurrence – It works by breaking down the project into iterations to achieve the high-quality development, testing, and collaboration and improve upon the every cycle.
  • Strong Team Interaction – Agile accepts that chronic synergy of the team brings diverse perspectives and innovative ideas. This cohesion inspire to great problem solving mechanism.
  • Customers Are Heard – Customers remain in picture and have the impact on the different processes on the go rather than blindly following the plan of action. Open communication between stake holders and customers boost up the relation between them.
  • Continuous Improvement – Frequent reactions of several users and teammates caused to improve the current level of performance and guide to reach the higher level of future project management and reduce the risky behaviors.

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What are the Principles of Agile Project Management Template in Excel?

There are a few prominent principles of this widely used tool:

  1. Continuous and early delivery of the valuable software brings satisfaction in customers; that is the basic and compulsory commitment for any project management system.
  2. For customer`s competitive advantage, rapid change in the software development is adaptable even in progressive upswing.
  3. With the help of iterations developing and testing of software in two weeks or months is the key ability of agility that lessened the overall duration of time.
  4. The communication and collaboration facilities of Agile Project Management Template in Excel, energize both executives and developers interact with each other to achieve higher goals.
  5. Projects are shaped throughout passionate particulars. Free and open environment and support is granted according to their needs and enhance their self-efficacy to complete the job.
  6. Discussion of the work matters with face-to-face amenity across team can be done in shorter timescale.
  7. You can freely operate the software before deliver it, purpose is only fulfill the expectations of the customers no matter how much time you are taking.
  8. Just escape the over whelming of work and make expansion in software development to attract the customers, sponsors and users.
  9. Practice makes man perfect; once you get technically and operationally grip on software then it will not bother you and enhance the excellence agility.
  10. Do not waste your energy in oppress way of working, just make it plain and convenient and serve it to the customer.
  11. Self-organizing team included highly motivated individuals that generated the most value to the customers.
  12. To overcome the shortcomings during work and make it more effective and efficient periodically layoff are necessary.

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Adoption of Agile way of Work

Agile working is best for the every organization because of its flexible framework and practicing zone can be used according to effective way of working with the help of instructions but without restrictions (when, how and where team want to work).

These advantages attract sharp individuals that caused major returns and values to the company:

Agile working ways are classify into four classes:

  • Time: when to work
  • Role: what tasks are designated to the teammates
  • Location: which place you are working
  • Source: other workforce, material and tasks you are working with

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Suggestions for Implementation of Agile way of Working

Following are some very useful suggestions for the implementation of Agile way of work in your organization

First Scan the Nature of Agile

As other approaches executed their operation sequentially, Agile is totally different flexible approach to product development in IT world.

You should learn before using it to match the standard of today global market; the way it works, its methodologies and techniques, its principles to guide the software development etc.

Establish Precise Strategy

Agile has different useful methodologies and numbers of frameworks; you have to carefully select the suitable mode from available procedures so it can behave accordingly.

Scrum, kanban, lean development, Scaled Agile Framework are different agile methods.

Crawl Then Go Forward

Solving problem or achieve a goal for small and cross-functional teams is integral morality of Agile Project Management Tools Teams take start from slight beginning before dive into complex working that help to focus and more done with less likeliness of bugs so adapt bottom-up-approach.


Although Agile is providing very beneficial tools but it also need a guiding way to convey all teammates work and make them understand conveniently.

It boosts morale of members, ensure effective communication and provide appropriate resources to work with. Reward systems should introduce to compensate and higher productivity of working force.

Be Willing to Change

As mentioned above, you can redesign the project at any point in developmental life cycle but make start changes where they feel comfortable and less challenging.

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