Project Work Plan Template Excel

Keeping a plan in mind prior to beginning a project is very helpful and smart move. As every project has it needs and also comes with its own kind of issues. To deal with a project efficiently it is important that you must get yourself ready for any risk management and alarming or unexpected situation. […]

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Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

Are you hunting for a product that helps you to manage multiple projects and the related resources in one place then you have come to the right place? What is Multiple Project Tracking? Managing a single project is the heck of the job itself but if you are in the position of control in more […]

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Stake Holder Management

Stakeholder Register Template Excel

The Stakeholder register is a project management document that identifies, assess and classifies the stakeholders of the project. It is also a document that provides information used to plan different ways on how to engage the stakeholders. The stakeholder register is a kind of document that is usually made in the beginning of the project […]

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Work Breakdown Structure Template Excel

A Work Breakdown Structure Template Excel is a visual representation of a project that is hierarchical and deliverable-oriented (fall apart project into small manageable sections) in nature. You can examine the needed time and resources by allotting these deliverables. What is Work Breakdown Structure? As project manager you can take it as roadmap of complicated […]

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Agile Project Management Template in Excel

What is Agile Project Management? Agile Project Management is harness of sequential project management methods to software development has provided base to move toward high rated exertion of Agile. Agile Project Management Template in Excel Agile Project Management Template in Excel is a time boxed (module of struggling time toward a goal), holding iterative approach […]

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Open Source Project Management Software

What is Open Source Software? Before we dive into details; let`s slightly zoom in “Open Source Software”, it is the program that is openly available for universal or public use without any discrimination and additional cost, anyone can see, modify and distribute the source code of this software with its original rights according to their […]

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Project Risk Register Template

 What is a risk register? Project Risk Register Template is a document or template that identified potential setbacks or risks related to the project you are working in. Pre identification of risk and possible setbacks  is key factor in project management that increases the importance of risk register document. Looking for risk register template for […]

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Ultimate Dashboard KPI Template Excel

Ultimate Dashboard KPI Template Excel is a platform to summaries and collect data and present it one singular place. If you are managing a project you must give a thought to use a project management dashboard. There are Agile project management methods and also work breakdown structure and these Ultimate Dashboard KPI Template Excel are […]

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