Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

Are you hunting for a product that helps you to manage multiple projects and the related resources in one place then you have come to the right place?

What is Multiple Project Tracking?

Managing a single project is the heck of the job itself but if you are in the position of control in more than one project at one time then you need to have an efficient agile project management template to do the trick.

You can manage multiple projects in one spreadsheet in Excel format with help of Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel dashboard. It is known as one of the most effectively use project management tool fort multiple projects.

Moreover, it is very likely in the field of the open source project management tool that sometimes come the place when you have to manage more than one project at the same time.

Multiple project tracking dashboard

There comes a point when   you have to deal with the ongoing multiple projects at the same time.  Thus, using a proper and well-suited project management tool with a summary and nice looking dashboard will be the answer to your question.

Using ultimate dashboard KPI template in Excel format will make the job easy for you and helps you to avoid overlapping or over overlooking the task and show progress report in a dashboard look. All you have to do is to select the most useful and well managed multiple project tracking template and you have to select from the different formats because there are many formats available.

in this article we will be discussing the main structure of the multiple project template dashboard and we will also see how it works in managing the project efficiently.

We will also be discussing some of the examples that will show that the how are the tracking tools are important in managing the project and how it helps the project management to keep the work on the right track.

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Multiple project tracking dashboard

What is Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel ?

Multiple project tracking template is the tool that is useful in dealing the projects in a situation there is more than one of them to deal with. These tools deliver organizational structure different methods and different processes to help the managing the projects effectively.

Moreover, it helps in better management establishment and premium quality system, create financial planning and also create risk management matrix to manage the projects. Often it is seen that the project dashboards are used for multiple project management and it works wonder for handling the pressure of managing the projects.

Hence, it is important for the project management professionals to make a multiple project tracking template and include the accurate and correct information of things going in the right direction.

  • This amazing tool provide the information about monitoring and progress in the project
  • Maintain the quality day by day.
  • It also provides the guideline to create the most effective methodology to handle the pressure of controlling and managing multiple projects at a time.
  • The main goal of using these tracking tools is to make sure that a project is going smoothly and there is no hindrance in the way.

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With the use of the multiple project tracking dashboard you can also monitor the activities and tracks the different information that is necessary to handle and work with multiple projects at the same time. This will also provide you the information about the budgeting and scheduling for the different tasks in multiple projects.

Steps for multiple project tracking

Project tracking gives the sufficient information about the progress quality and the day-to-day performance of the project and in the form of the dashboard. Dashboard offers the Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel of different projects in a spreadsheet format and monitor the project and track them in a better way.

Following are some steps showing that how can manage Multiple Projects using a Tracking Template Excel Dashboard

  1. Gather up information of all the information for each project separately in one place.
  2. Define all the goals and objective of the project in the start.
  3. Note down all the plans and expected outcomes.
  4. To make most it is a smart option to priorities the tasks.
  5. Make a flexible and accommodating schedule for your team.
  6. Manage the communication methodologies and plan them smartly.
  7. Balance out and distribute the work load properly to enhance project workers productivity.
  8. Keep track of the progress of the projects along with the related tasks.

Multiple Project Tracking

Types of Multiple Project Tracking Template

As we have already discussed it is obvious that handling the numerous projects at the same time are quite tricky job. But using a multiple project tracking tool is a smart move to firmly hold the projects and keeps things in under control.

Subsequently, the trick is to split your time strategy and different methodologies equally between the project for handling this is only can be done using the proper tools. Which is why project professionals use different project management and tracking tools to manage the products when they have to deal with multiple projects.

This makes the job easier for them and that some pressure of the shoulders ad as managing all these projects at a time at tricky and time consuming

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Following are some of the examples of Multiple Project Tracking Template:

  1. Issue tracker Template

Issue tracking is one of the important and widely used tool in tracking the problems and errors in multiple project handling process. When you work with more than one project there is a good chance that you face hidden risks. In this case the best solution is using an issue tracking template to avoid the problematic situations.

The key of eradicating and handling the problems is to get yourself prepared by keeping a suitable template on hand ready to use in need. The template of this kind is useful to quickly pinpoint the problem and deal with it as soon as possible.

  1. Project Status Tracking Template

Another example of Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel is project status tracking template. This tool helps dealing and identifying the development and progress of the project. it shows the development in the specific period selected to identify the status.

Tool like this one is very handy and useful in managing the larger projects especially. As with time the modification happens and so as the status is changed that is why it is important to track the progress using project status tracking template.

  1. Project Cost Tracking Template

One if another category of such templates is project cost tracking template. Managing multiple project costs is very time consuming and rather lengthy and tricky task.

As this is one of the significant aspects of the project without dealing with cost properly the success of the project face serious risks.

To avoid any unwanted problems, make sure you use a proper and well-structured project cost tracking tool.


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