What is Open Source Software?

Before we dive into details; let`s slightly zoom in “Open Source Software”, it is the program that is openly available for universal or public use without any discrimination and additional cost, anyone can see, modify and distribute the source code of this software with its original rights according to their will and purposes.

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What is open source software project management?

This software empowering the enterprise teams across industries by providing highly compatible hosting platform. Allowing them to manage their projects having full control on each aspect to go faster to market in secure environment.

As it is developed by different bunches of associations and leagues so this software is more flexible, cheaper, having more endurance and length of services providing sophisticated ways to solve the problems of industries in project management and encourage the broader movements to enhance the most widely used software`s development and extension.

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Some features of this Software

Here are some most important features of open source projects management tools

  • Resource Management
  • Executive Reports and Dashboards
  • Time Tracking
  • Schedule Management
  • Bug and Issue Tracker
  • Workflow Management
  • Modules of Project Planning
  • Budgeting

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What is the best Open Source Project Management Software?

A project manager can facilitate his work by using this software like controlling processes, attracting large community of users, enhance their technical and standard criteria, keep it updated and monitored and also share it for mutual assistance and professional recommendations and directions.

There are also features like Agile Project Management, Financial Management in Project management and Work Break Down Structure are important part of this software

Although a lot of open source software are available on the internet but selection and use of software according to necessities and concerns (budgeting, licensing, documentation) of enterprisers is crucially sensitive point.

There is abundance of open source software to deal with different projects and managing related tasks. Some useful Software are as under:

  1. OpenProject

Open Project

From notion to fruition Openproject helps to set the exact planning, start and due dates, competencies and terms of reference of a project. With the help the this Software tool project managers can put his team on this platform to perform  and  grip on various tasks and decide the way in which order task is needed to be done.

You can easily access and track state of affairs of project and make it customize as you want to see and operate. It is also called Strategic Planning Software that is easy to use and also provide training for its users on different rostrum.

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  1. Odoo


Odoo is especially very attractive for entrepreneurs and small businesses due to its interesting and useful features and provide several different views.

Real-time forecasting detects the merits and demerits of processes. It’s very useful feature of attachment helps to match up the related tasks on page. Also save time by recoding facility of the meetings and conversations so you can catch hold off from anywhere.

It is very secure, flexible and adapted Open Source Project Management Software for business; fully integrated and open source software with the suitable budget easy and plain design.

  1. ProjectLibre


Best for small agencies that have not enough budgets for the trading project management solutions. You can interpret, analyze, evaluate and improve the sensitive journey of project.

Features of this tool are consisted on plenty of charts but still attracting the linked social units.  It has habitual interface that make it fully simple and allow to establish the timeline strategies for project. It provides bucket of languages to translate the data.

The enterprisers and automotive industries are common users of ProjectLibre; competing best with its competitors solutions tools across internet. But at beginning it is a little tough to learn.

  1. Zentao


It is fully fledged and professional open source software that frequently provides lifetime free upgrade to perform your work more effectively. It is design to support scrum practice and track overall project progress of project.

ZenTao helps the small teams to easily switching into the sophisticated tools to streamline workflow. This flexibility extended tool is available with plug-in and extensions to fully control and personalize the development of project according to your requirements that make your product familiar in market.

With it robust project management tool users can manage the store data in it very organizing manners like library and it also keep track of attendance, holidays and absence of the workers. It is very beneficial software for developers.

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 Advantages of Open Source Project Management Software

As open source software has sustained superior position in business world nowadays; so every organization is taking advantages form this.

Some are as follows that grab this software in favorable status:

  1. Peer Review
  2. Transparency
  3. Constant Enhancement
  4. Reliability, Stability and Flexibility
  5. Scaling And Consolidating
  6. Lower Cost of Hardware and Software
  7. No vendor Lock-in
  8. Open Collaboration and Support
  9. Facile License Management
  10. Customization and Maintenance
  11. User Centricity and Community
  12. Security

Does Google have free Project Management Tools?

Well, Google is worldwide search engine that is collectively surrounded with the technological services and products on internet. Here arising question is about free Open Source Project Management Software tools whether Google is facilitating the business world with these tools or not?

The answer is “No, but yes” because it is providing second possibilities and substitutes that called Google Sheets. You can easily create spreadsheets, modify, organize and analyze the information without any ciphering intellect.

Google sheets are also help you to track the real-time format files and history of ongoing and previous processes of projects and offer you to cast up your team and share the data.

Google-Project Management

Google Sheet offering following templates to create project plans:

  • Project Timeline: Cope with stingy deadline of completion; monitor the status and workflow of project. Provide in sync updating.
  • Gant chart: Paint step by step tasks of complex project and show the percentage to realize the performance of work executed on the beam.
  • Project Tracking: Organize the several projects at a time and make them visualize their timeline, status, expenses and take out on one sheet to keep you progressing in concert.

These templates on Google Sheets are varied in functions and behaviors assisted you to manage and share with teammates because of its effortless and uncomplicated usage.

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