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Looking for procurement management plan template in excel & word format? In this article, you can download easily plan in XLXS format and download to print PDF and Word format.

This plan use for construction, production unit and other project inventory and supplies. Sample of Procurement plan or example is shown below, you can either download directly or request us for complete cu tome plan in seconds.

  1. Procurement Plan Report sample or template
  2. Download in XLS and DOC format
  3. Request for custom template

Before download plan, you must read and understand about procurement management.

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What is Procurement Management Plan? Example and Template

The procurement management plan excel helps to manage lengthy paperwork for cost regulation, evaluation of risks, and also improve supplier management. It benefits you keep a close eye on budget which impacts to develop smooth relations with vendors and helps in overall Implementation of the project plan

This greatly saves your energy to perform well in other business-related tasks. It equips the large-scale manufacturing industries to work more efficiently by removing the barriers and improve the functioning of all departments by keeping detailed records.

Why Procurement Management Plan Matters

Procurement management plan template is very important because it defines the project from start to end and provide clear picture  of the project. A good project work plan template always increase the efficiencies by saving time, money and effort.

Following are some important reasons of why procurement management plan is so important

  1. This plan always helps to analyze pre work preparation and analyze previous related activities.
  2. It helps in in defining all demands and requirements needed to complete the project
  3. It also helps in to acquire all required tools and techniques to complete the procurement process
  4. It helps to track the progress and also streamline all the stakeholders related to the project
  5. It pre defines the possible risk and outcomes and helps to tackle them when these risk appears

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Importance of Procurement Plan Template Excel

There are various tools and plans which improve the productivity and efficiency of project management. But Procurement Management Plan significantly makes difference in the following mentioned task;

  1. Highlights the technical or product requirements of any project
  2. Creates balance between purchase and expense
  3. Financial Planning and Cuts down cost
  4. Inspection of the budget
  5. Shorten the processing time by removing the obstacles
  6. Maintains the purchasing standards
  7. Helps in contract writing
  8. Makes clear project visibility and enhance productivity
  9. Builds up improved relations with suppliers
  10. Amends storage information
  11. Notifies about task completion or any irregularities causing delays

The procurement Management system amends your business plan or official matters by improving the above-mentioned things.

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Key Element in Procurement Plan Template:

3 key elements set the foundation of the procurement plan. 3P’s (Process, People, Paper) are called as key factors of procurement management plan which are explained further;

  1. Process

    This refers to the major plan of acquisition of any project like the purchase, cost regulation, storage, and the requirement of the products in any project. It defines all previous related activities, ongoing process, resources, Possible risks and perditions about possible outcomes. Mainly this clarifies the complete picture of the whole procurement management plan.

  2. People

    – It includes all the contractors, vendors, team members, and technical staff working on a project. Basically its complete resource management for any project and number of people involved in a project is directly proportional to the efficiency of purchasing and risk factors. It also include stakeholder management.

  1. Paper

    Write up or documentation plays a great role in the procurement plan. It improves the flow of the project. It defines all the process and actions for any kind of risk or disturbance. This also provide the whole picture from start date to end date of procurement management plan.

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How to conduct a Procurement Management Plan for PMP?

Having a professional project manager is the key to run any procurement plan like a boss. He/ She keeps everything under check from start till the final expected results. The project manager decides all the plans and goals with the whole team to get a better idea of the financial matters and dealing with the contractors.

An efficient Procurement Management Plan can be achieved by following these steps;

Step 1: Characterize the Procurement Details

The foremost step is a detailed outlining of the requirements. Determine the date of project completion. Make a purchase list of the required goods and also assign the tasks to team members. Setting up goals, in the beginning, keeps you motivated, and reminding the team about them keeps them in constant focus.

Step 2: Paperwork Sorting

Handling product costs needs some official paperwork. For this purpose-written contracts or agreements are done to keep seller and buyer on one page. Time duration, product requirement, settled cost, and the person responsible is mentioned during this contract writing procedure.

Also, there are different patterns for contracts, both parties mutually decide and opt for the best one. Pre and post contract signatures are done and record is kept to avoid any misunderstanding. These agreements somewhat pave a solid path towards the perfect procurement plan.

Step 3: Risk Assessment & Checkup the potential barriers

Being aware of the risks before setting the roots of any procurement plan helps the team members to get a grip on weak points according to respective strengths. This step helps to alter the potential barriers before taking place.

Step 4: Cost Regulation

Monitoring of cost before and during the procurement plan helps you to stay within your budget limits. RFP (Request for Proposal) also comes under this step which mainly caters to your requirement that can be put forward to vendors and then vendors provide bids. The best-suited bid is selected by the team. Cost determination is extremely important in any procurement plan.

Step 5: Assign team roles

A building needs thousands of bricks to hold the grip in the ground just like that every procurement plan requires a set of team members. They work as a foundation of the management system. In a team each member has different strengths; some are good at dealing with contractors while others have great budget management skills.

Keeping all these under consideration, roles are identified and all departments are under careful monitoring by the diligent staff.

Step 6: Setup Vendor Management Plan

After contract approval and cost, monitoring comes vendor management. This step ensures that the vendor is providing quality products just as the mentioned requirement written in the contract.

With mutual consent delivery time of the goods is decided and just to avoid any further disturbance spreadsheets are made for the regular check. Invoices are released and payments are also done on the mentioned date in the contract.

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